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Assembly of photovoltaic systems

The installation of a photovoltaic system always depends on the composition of the roof. In principle, a photovoltaic system can be installed on any roof shape.

If your roof does not have the necessary requirements, e.g. due to its age, we will carry out a roof renovation at your request in cooperation with our partners so that the photovoltaic system can be installed safely and properly.

We use appropriate substructures for the photovoltaic modules in accordance with the shape of the roof.

Each substructure is implemented specifically for the existing roof type.
This ensures that your photovoltaic system has the correct inclination and orientation for efficient operation.

Basically, the substructure is made from aluminum profiles in conjunction with VA screws. This guarantees a long service life and protection against corrosion.

ER Mounting - Montage von Photovoltaik-Anlagen

Regardless of whether

  • Pan roof,
  • Trapezoidal sheet roof,
  • Flat roof,
  • Sloping roof,
  • Ethernite roof,
  • etc.,

we assemble photovoltaic systems fast, on time and professionel.

Request further information on our range of services in the assembly of photovoltaic systems without obligation.

Services of ER Mounting GmbH

ER Mounting - Montage von Photovoltaik-Anlagen

Rely on us as professionals for the installation of photovoltaic systems. Experience and professionalism set us apart.

ER Mounting - Wartung von Photovoltaik-Anlagen

After the installation, we won't leave you alone. We will gladly take over care and maintenance of your systems for you.

ER Mounting - Reinigung von Photovoltaik-Anlagen

Installed systems also require regular maintenance.
We advise you competently and professionally.

ER Mounting - Reparatur von Photovoltaik-Anlagen

We have great expertise in the repair of photovoltaic systems. We are not tied to any system.

ER Mounting - Allgemeinmontagen

In addition to our other services, we offer a wide variety of assembly activities as part of personnel management.