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Cleaning of photovoltaic systems

Since photovoltaic systems are located outdoors, they can also become dirty while all seasons.

Due to the contamination, the greatest possible sunlight may not be able to be absorbed by the photovoltaic modules - the result could be, that the photovoltaic modules suffer a loss of power.
This could be observe especially on photovoltaic systems, which are installed in open space and in an agricultural environment.

Pollution results from a wide variety of environmental influences such as

  • pollen
  • foliage
  • needles
  • insects
  • dust
  • etc.

Depending on the severity of the pollution, the photovoltaic system may lose power.

This ultimately has a negative effect on your income and can result in a loss of up to 30% - an average of 6-8% loss is assumed.

ER Mounting - Reinigung von Photovoltaik-Anlagen

To prevent this from happening as much as possible, your photovoltaic system periodically - and additionally as required - professionally cleaned. Despite a certain "self cleaning" of the photovoltaic system, e.g. through rainwater, this is not sufficient to guarantee the full profitability of the plant.

Talk to us about the options for cleaning photovoltaic systems, so that you maintain the efficiency of your photovoltaic system.

Services of ER Mounting GmbH

ER Mounting - Montage von Photovoltaik-Anlagen

Rely on us as professionals for the installation of photovoltaic systems. Experience and professionalism set us apart.

ER Mounting - Wartung von Photovoltaik-Anlagen

After the installation, we won't leave you alone. We will gladly take over care and maintenance of your systems for you.

ER Mounting - Reinigung von Photovoltaik-Anlagen

Installed systems also require regular maintenance.
We advise you competently and professionally.

ER Mounting - Reparatur von Photovoltaik-Anlagen

We have great expertise in the repair of photovoltaic systems. We are not tied to any system.

ER Mounting - Allgemeinmontagen

In addition to our other services, we offer a wide variety of assembly activities as part of personnel management.